Teaching and learning of English language in Farrer Park focus on creating authentic learning experiences for every child. Since 2012, drama pedagogy (process drama) has been infused into the teaching of English language at primary 1 to 3. During process drama lessons, students and teachers create fictional characters and settings. Through this, they take on different personalities. They step into the shoes of others. They work through real-world moral dilemmas and issues, such as bullying, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Students taking on the role of villagers as they travel to a village in the story, with the Village Chief.

Students love it when they get to interact with the teacher, who is in role, as a character from the story. Students learn to empathise with others, acquire new vocabulary and express themselves confidently. 


Students working together to create an image of a “nightmare” during a process drama lesson.

At Farrer Park, we believe in cultivating a deeper love for reading. The school has an extensive reading programme (The Book Club) from primary 3 to 6, to achieve the following outcomes:

  • generate greater interest for reading
  • develop a greater appreciation for literature
  • improve students' reading comprehension
During the Book Club sessions, the students will read a common book and discuss the key themes and language devices (in the book) with their peers. At times, they will be required to do mini projects to extend their learning. 


Students worked in groups and did a character board on their favourite character from the book. 


Students get to share their responses after a discussion on the key themes of the book.

These books are specially selected for their rich language and themes that students can relate to.  

Here are the stories that we have carefully selected for each level: 

LevelBookKey Themes
Primary 3The Whipping Boy / FrindleFriendship / Innovation
Primary 4Charlotte's Web / FrindleFriendship / Innovation
 Primary 5 Wonder / The Lemonade WarKindness / Sibling Rivalry 
 Primary 6Fish in a Tree Acceptance / Friendship 

The Book Club has not only widened the students' exposure to the types of books available, but it also develops students' social-emotional competencies and develops a love for reading.   

To make reading "trendy" and cool, the school plans to have Characters' Day, a day dedicated for students to come dressed in their favourite book characters, to share with one another about their favourite character, in semester 2.