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Music and art speak to our emotions. Creativity and expression, like counting, patterning and many gross motor activities, are integral parts of a Farreran’s developmental journey. 


In the Music Curriculum, Farrereans are exposed to a wide range of music such as Folk Songs and Ethnic Music from our diverse Singapore culture and World Music that encompass different styles and genres of music from around the world.

Farrereans learn to play the keyboard, ukulele and percussion instruments within an ensemble setting. Through class performances, school events and special occasions, pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their learning through individual or ensemble/group performances. 


We seek to nurture and inspire Farrereans creatively through hands-on exploration using a variety of art forms such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpting and Designing using a range of traditional mediums such as ceramic and batik painting. Farrereans learn to appreciate art and express themselves better through an inquiry-based approach. Learning journeys to museums and art exhibitions allow Farrereans to connect and appreciate different forms of art making. Through the creation and reflection of their art journey, Farrereans will develop confidence in exploring art mediums and techniques.

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