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In 2017, Farrer Park Primary School set up a Parent Support Group (PSG). PSG plays a supportive role in the vision and mission of the school, and comprises parent members who meet regularly and work with school personnel on programmes and projects that will benefit the students.

PSG serves as a communication channel for members to provide valuable suggestions or ideas and constructive feedback on school policies and programmes that will benefit the school environment. Communication is a two-way process that benefits the children, parents and the school.

PSG organises talks, workshops and activities on parenting and parent-child bonding for parents and pupils in the school. These programmes and activities aim at building Life Skills and Character Building. It is also a great way for parents to network and bond with one another when they come together to organise and contribute to school events and celebrations.

Parent Support Group (EXCO) 2018 to 2019


Parents who are interested to volunteer their time and expertise to enrich and expand the school’s programmes may complete and submit the application below.