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Happy and Harmonious Family Bonding


Happy and Harmonious Family Bonding with Archery Tag 
Date : 23 Feb 2016 
 Speaker : Mr. Raymond Tan


Synopsis of the Programme 

This 2-in-1 Parenting talk cum Archery Tag activity is intended to build upon the concept that happiness and harmony are foundations of a great family. Love, Language and Laughter were the main topics elaborated in this talk cum activity. Good communication is a key component for any happy family. The use of appropriate verbal and non- verbal language was elaborated. Understanding the key elements of words, tone, body language will determine the effectiveness of communication within the family unit.

This bonding activity was designed to help participants enjoy the sport of Archery Tag in a fun, safe and meaningful setting whilst learning to pick up the correct shooting technique in order to shoot proficiently and safely. At the same time, they will learn social emotional skills such as focusing, discipline and self-confidence. It is also an opportunity for parents and child to practice the sporting attitudes of encouragement, Sportsmanship, and resilience with one another. This analogy will help families to take a step back to see that when the heart is heavy, the family will find it difficult to experience happiness and harmony.

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