Forest Adventure

This programme allows children to discover the thrill of height and the joy of physical outdoor activity. Many children will have to push their limits and move out of their comfort zone, only to feel very proud of themselves once they completed the course.

The Dad must lead his child to the right trees where he or she will have access to a board with a set of multiple choice answers. It is also an opportunity for parents and child to practice the sporting attitudes of encouragement, sportsmanship, and resilience with one another.

 This is a great opportunity for child and dad to boost their confidence in a fun and safe way. 

Dads for Life (Forest Adventure)

Ican Workshop

Synopsis: A 4-hour Dads For Life (Ican) workshop was conducted for P1 and P2 fathers on 1 March 2018. The interactive workshop reiterates the importance of fathering involvement and explore vitals skills for building lasting relationship with their children. Participants watched short video clips, interact with fellow-fathers, process relevant exercises and learnt action tips to begin bonding with their children.



Breakfast with Dad

A 2-hour Dads For Life – Breakfast with Dad workshop was conducted for P1 and P2 fathers on 4 August 2018.
The programme includes the following:
• Understanding the importance of having breakfast time with your child
• Knowing roles of father and child in the family
• Preparing a simple and nutritious breakfast by father and child
-Knowledge and awareness in your child's world
-Importance of father’s voice to child’s emotional health This workshop utilizes experiential learning methods to coach fathers to relate with their children. Activities were designed to appeal to dad’s nature of being fun and active partners in parenting. Centre for Fathering (CFF) creates an experience that is fun and impactful for both father and child.