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ScreenGuide by Mosyle

Farrer Park Primary School incorporated Mobile Device Management software, Mosyle, to manage our students’ iPad learning device usage as well as screen time. This powerful software allow school and parents to monitor and manage the child’s device remotely

For Parents
Management of Learning Devices
To work in partnership with our parents, Farrer Park Primary School has two options for the management of learning devices for the TE:D programme.

Option 1: Management in Partnership

School-managed on Weekdays from 7.00am to 4.00pm
Parent-managed with Screenguide at other times.

Option 2: School-Managed only

7.00am to 5.00pm (open)
Other times locked.

9.00am to 12.00pm (open)
2.00pm to 5.00pm (open)
Other times locked.

In both Option 1 and 2, the school will ensure that the apps needed for learning in the classroom are installed and updated.

To ensure that our students have a good balance of screen time and rest, option 2 allows our students access to their learning devices after school till 5.00pm as well as two three-hour blocks on weekends in the morning and afternoon.
In order to maximise the potential of their learning devices, we highly recommend that our parents choose option 1, which will allow us to work in partnership to develop good learning device habits in our children both in school and at home.

To activate option 1, parents only need to activate the Screenguide app for monitoring and control of their child’s iPad. All learning devices that have not yet had Screenguide activated will be placed on option 2 by default.

Installing and Using ScreenGuide


We have prepared a few options for our parents to install and use Screenguide.

ScreenGuide Workshop for Parents

A workshop was conducted for our Primary 3 parents in Term 1. In this workshop, we covered the installation and use of the different functions in Screenguide with our parents

If you have missed this workshop we have scheduled a number of bite-sized workshops in the end of Term 1 and early Term 2 that cover the installation and some quick hands-on tips for Screenguide.

These workshops will take place after school from 2.15pm to 3.00pm and are open for signup in the form below:


(Contact details shared will only be used by the school for purposes of identification and to confirm attendance)


Parents can download and follow the guide below to setup Screenguide on their own smart devices. You will need to contact our ICT Department to get our school code in order to do so.

To request for the school code please click here.

Screenguide also provides links to video tutorials on their Webpage as well as YouTube channel where video tutorials are available for both setting up and using Screenguide.