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Dear parents,

Please visit this page for all matters relating to Home-based Learning activities at Farrer Park Primary School. Home-based Learning (HBL) is not confined to E-learning and may include offline work that involves reading or writing.

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HBL for the SA2 for Tuesday 3 November

Dear Parents and Students,

Please click on the links below for the HBL activities for your level:

  1. Primary 6

Click here for HBL instructions for previous days.

YouTube Links for HBL

We have consolidated a few videos for our parents and students on your YouTube Channel that you might find useful. Click below to visit our collections of playlists.

Support and Helpdesk

The Student Learning Space (SLS)

We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access SLS. Click here to download.

During School Operating Hours

School-based Helpline for SLS 
(8AM to 4PM)
To reset your child's SLS password or Farrer Park Google account password please use the form below.

School General Office Tel: 62952272 

During Non-School Operating Hours

SLS Helpdesk: 67026513
When emailing to SLS Helpdesk, please include your child's full name, school, User ID and form class.

Monday ― Friday:
4:00 pm ― 9:00 pm (School Days)
9:00 am ― 9:00 pm (School Holidays)
9:00 am ― 3:00 pm
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Google hikes the price of annual G Suite subscriptions - SiliconANGLE

School Helpline for Google Suite

Google Classroom - WikipediaGoogle Classroom

For matters regarding Google Account for your child, please use the form below
and we will contact you.

School General Office Tel: 62952272 (8AM to 4PM)

Instructional Technology / MyOn

myOn Support: 62255180
You can send an e-mail to:
Please be sure to include your first and last name, name of school, student’s ID number (if applicable), and problem description or question.

eZhishi - Apps on Google Play

ezhishi Helpdesk: 67427555