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Dear Parents,
Please visit this page for Home-based Learning activities at Farrer Park Primary School. Home-based Learning (HBL) is not confined to E-learning and may include offline work that involves reading or writing.

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Home Based Learning for P1 to P5 (27 September 2021 to 6 October 2021)

Parents and Students,

Check back here again on Monday morning, 27 September 2021, for more information.

Next Home Based Learning for P1 to P5 (18 to 21 October 2021) during PSLE Marking

Dear Parents and Students,

Thank you for taking part in the PSLE Oral HBL for P1 to P5 students on 12 and 13 August 2021.

The next scheduled HBL for our students will be during the PSLE marking week from 18 to 21 October 2021. Cohorts involved will be our P1 to P5.

Details will be sent via Parents Gateway closer to the date. 

For the links to assignments from previous HBL days, please click on the link below:

Common issues and how to resolve them

1) Forgotten password or locked out of SLS, Google Classroom etc.
Please fill in this form:  Fppshelpdesk

2) Forgotten email address or login id for SLS or Google Classroom
With only a few exceptions, SLS IDs are constructed from the first five characters of the student's name, followed by the last five characters of their birth certificate. For example,

Tan Xiao Ming (BC No. T1234567B) has a SLS ID of TANXI4567B

All our school account IDs (Google, Koobits and MyON) take reference from this SLS ID.
Google account email: TANXI4567B@farrerparkpri,

3) The HBL page is not updating.
During the HBL period, our HBL page is updated every morning by 7.00am. Click on the refresh button on your browser. It might require you to click a few times.

Alternatively, you could also try clearing your browser cache. Here is a link to a website that shows you how to do this. (Link)

4) We don't see the HBL activities for the previous days.
All instructions for previous HBL activities are consolidated on our Past Home-based Learning page located on the the navigation bar on the top left of out HBL page.

YouTube Links for HBL

We have consolidated a few videos for our parents and students on your YouTube Channel that you might find useful. Click below to visit our collections of playlists.

Support and Helpdesk

The Student Learning Space (SLS)
We recommend that you use Google Chrome to access SLS.

During School Operating Hours

School-based Helpline for SLS 
(8AM to 3PM)

1) Online Form
Parents can use this link for technical help like a request for a password reset for SLS or Google.

Please take note that we may not be able to respond to your problem immediately. We thank you for your patience.
2) School General Office Tel: 62952272 

During Non-School Operating Hours

SLS Helpdesk: 67026513
When emailing to SLS Helpdesk, please include your child's full name, school, User ID and form class.

Monday ― Friday:
4:00 pm ― 9:00 pm (School Days)
9:00 am ― 9:00 pm (School Holidays)
9:00 am ― 3:00 pm
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

School Helpline for Google Suite

Google Classroom

For matters regarding Google Account for your child, please use the form below
and we will contact you.

School General Office Tel: 62952272 (8AM to 4PM)


myOn Support: 62255180
You can send an e-mail to:
Please be sure to include your first and last name, name of school, student’s ID number (if applicable), and problem description or question.


ezhishi Helpdesk: 67427555