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At Farrer Park Primary School, we aim at providing a holistic education whereby every child will be able to master listening, speaking, reading, writing and communication skills in their MTL and appreciate his/her culture.
The Mother Tongue Department at Farrer Park Primary School provides a linguistically rich and vibrant cultural environment for pupils to attain these skills.
These are the key programmes at Farrer Park Primary School for the 3 Mother Tongue Languages:



Process Drama

P1-P4 pupils go through process drama to build language skills, particularly in oracy and listening skills. This programme allows interaction among pupils, exploring issues and problems at hand and brings out different pupils’ perspectives through drama strategies. At the same time, it emphasizes the teaching of positive values. 

Reading Programme

This school wide reading programme aims to build up pupils’ interest in reading Mother Tongue books. Post-reading activities are conducted after pupils completed reading the MT story books. 

MTL Language Fortnight

The MTL Fortnight aims to create an immersive environment for our pupils in their learning of the Mother Tongue language and culture. During the 2 weeks programme, a variety of cultural and language activities related to the Mother Tongue languages are organised for pupils.  These activities provide platforms for students to actively learn MT and the associated culture so as to experience MT as a ‘living language’.

MT Cultural Camp

P6 pupils participate in activities related to Mother Tongue language and culture in this annual day camp. Activities include artefact making, playing traditional games and quizzes. 


(only CL pupils)

To cultivate the interest of pupils in cultural performances and in learning the Chinese language, pupils attend suitable theatre plays at public performance arts venues outside of school.

Useful information for parents who wish to find out how they can support their children in the learning of Mother Tongue Language:

Parents’ Guide to MTL Curriculum (available in both English and the respective Mother Tongue Languages) can be downloaded from the link below.