Cyber Wellness

Cyber Wellness sharing

Cyber wellness refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace. 

The school aims to educate students on ways to keep themselves safe while using the Internet at home and in school with the support of parents. To complement the cyber wellness curriculum in schools, parents can set a good example at home in the use of technology and play an active role in guiding our children to navigate in cyberspace. 

The Cyber Wellness Framework

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors shares the cyber wellness tips during school assembly.
Pupils understand cyber wellness through interactive games.  

Cyber Wellness App for Parents (notAnoobie)

The notAnoobie app features the latest cyber issues, game reviews and real life stories of youths who have overcome online problems such as gaming addiction and cyber bullying. It also includes interactive features like quizzes, and daily tips to actively promote cyber wellness.

 The app is available on iOS and Android devices.

Cyber Wellness App for Parents (C-Quest)

Parents can now download a new mobile game app, C-Quest, and have conversations on cyber wellness with their children. Developed by the Ministry of Education and targeted at parents with children aged 10 to 14, C-Quest is specially designed to facilitate meaningful parent-child conversations on their online experiences. Through the game, students will also learn to be safe, respectful, and responsible users of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
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