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P1 Great Little Helpers Programme

The P1 Great Little Helper Programme is an activity where pupils clean the canteen area and have a short dialogue with contract cleaners.

We want to teach the pupils that the responsibility to keep the environment at home and school clean begins with them.

After the programme, the pupils will complete an activity booklet where they have to identify areas where they can help out at home to keep their home clean.

The P1 pupils are watching a demonstration from the “aunty and uncle” on how to clean the tables.

Pupils applying the skills of squeezing the water out of the cloth as taught by the “uncle and aunty”

Pupils putting whatever they have learnt into practice by cleaning the canteen tables.

P2 Great Little Caregivers Workshop

The P2 Great Little Caregivers Workshop is organised to educate pupils to demonstrate a sense of responsibility to their family members and show care through ‘acts of graciousness’.

During the workshop, pupils are taught skills of building and maintaining positive relationships as well as the importance of the value of care. After the workshop, pupils have to complete an activity booklet where they have to show care to their family members. 


Story Telling – During the workshop, pupils are told a story of a self-sacrificing mother who is ostracised by her own son and his friends and labelled as a ‘one-eyed monster’. Little did he know the secret his mother kept from him as she could not bear to see him grow up with one eye.


Experiential Learning- During the workshop, a mock-up Candy Shop is set up.

Pupils learn through the activities that it is their responsibility to show care to the people around them and to be gracious and considerate to others through their actions.