Piknowcchio's Playstore

25 actors, 16 dancers, 31 fringe performers and ALL our staff were part of our spectacular production- 'Piknowcchio's Playstore' on 5 August 2017. Both the matinee and evening shows were sold-out! Our young performers put up two dazzling shows for over 840 people. We're pleased to share with you some of the best moments from the play!


Play Synopsis:

It’s the year 2030, where everything is run by our dearest applications. Just like all of us, the apps go to school, or what is called the Playstore. Microsquash, a brilliant but lazy app, loves going to the Playstore… but only to hang out with her friends. In fact, she created a robot called Piknowcchio, just to do her homework! Looking just like a real boy, Piknowcchio meets a bunch of friends at the Playstore, and hears from them tantalising stories of toys and treats at the Apps Mall and Play World. There is just one problem - Piknowcchio is supposed to be hard at work at the Playstore! 

Farrer Park Primary School presents our biennial drama production -Piknowcchio's Playstore. Join Piknowcchio and his friends as they go on an app-ic adventure around the Apps Universe, where they finally learn that the road to success requires hard work. Find out more at now!