The Talent Management Programme in FPPS provides our talented pupils with multiple platforms to showcase their talents. The school stages a public ticketed production once every two years.

Piknowcchio's Playstore

25 actors, 16 dancers, 31 fringe performers and ALL our staff were part of our spectacular production- 'Piknowcchio's Playstore', which was staged at School of the Arts Drama Theatre on 5 August 2017. Both the matinee and evening shows were sold-out! Our young performers put up 2 dazzling shows for over 840 people. We're pleased to share with you some of the best moments from the play!

Drama Club Performance for Central Clean and Green Carnival
Farrer Park Primary has been invited to participate in the launch of the Central Clean and Green Carnival organised by National Environment Agency on 19 November this year. 

The pupils from the Drama Club put up a play- Peggy the Pint-sized Pirate, at the carnival's launch to share with the members of the public the importance of reducing waste and the impact that littering has on the environment. The guest of honour for the carnival was the Minister of State for Health, Dr Lam Pin Min. 

The pupils had a fabulous time being Green Ambassadors as they advocated the importance of keeping Singapore clean and green at the carnival.

20161119144149_IMG_2434.jpg  20161119144500_IMG_2457.jpg 

National Day Performance for MOE National Day Observance Ceremony
Our students from the Drama Club performed for MOE's National Day Observance Ceremony. "Finding Singa" is a story written by the teachers and students of Drama Club. Does Singapore really need a kindness mascot to remind themselves to be kind? Find out what the students of Farrer Park really think in this story!

Farrer Park Primary School Open House Performance

National Story Challenge

Pupils who have been identified to have a flair for acting and public speaking would be encouraged to join the Drama Club. The Drama Club has been providing various platforms for the budding talents to build their skills and confidence as actors. 

This year, we sent 3 groups of pupils to participate in the National Story Challenge, a National improvisational storytelling competition, organised jointly by the National Library Board and Theatre Practice (a Theatre Company). 2 of the 3 groups were from the Drama Club and they did exceedingly well for the competition! We are very proud of our pupils who have demonstrated resilience and confidence throughout this competition!

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The Drama Club is the chief anchor of excellence to the iDREaM programme. The Drama Club in FPPS aims to bring theatre to the community. 

The club is divided into two groups- Production group and Modular group. 

Core members of the Drama Club form the Production group. They are involved in staging performances for the various school events that take place in the year. The budding talents of these members are developed through a structured actor training programme for the whole year. 

The Drama Club has been committed to bringing theatre to the community since it was formed in 2011. 

In March 2015, the Drama Club has gained yet another milestone for the school. We staged our very first ticketed public production “Forgiven- A Fairy Tale” at 16 Winstedt Road on 14 March 2015. After 6 months of rigourous training, our young actors have blossomed in their own ways and put up a spectacular show! The play was a great success and all 674 tickets were sold out! 

Here are some highlights from the production.  


Participation in Project Earth

As part of our efforts of citizenship education in school, the Drama Club members play an active role in communicating the importance of recycling to the community.

For the past 2 years, we have been partnering National Environment Agency (NEA) to put up a skit on recycling at the Project Earth Roadshow.

This year, members from the Drama Club would be participating as well!  

Project Earth 2014 @ Tiong Bahru Plaza, the children performed “Michael Recycle”

Project Earth 2013 @ City Square Mall, the children performed “The Farrerville Wizard”

The Drama Club has also staged 2 other performances in 2014.

The members performed “The Sneetches ” by Dr. Seuss at  My Tree House at the National Library in June 2014


The Michael Recycle team was invited to perform for My Tree House’s One Year Anniversary Celebration on 30 May 2014

Members of the Modular Group

Members of the modular group go through basic actor training.

In 2014, all the members from the modular group took up the challenge to perform a monologue! They did extremely well as novice actors!

Click here to watch the highlights from the monologues!

Project Earth