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Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition 2021

Students from P2 to P6 took part in the different categories working on the theme, “Artist & Technology” where student artists reflected on how technology has impacted their lives.

The SYF Art Exhibition will be showcased online via the SYF website from 3 July to 31 December.
This year also marks the first time that the exhibition is using immersive 360-degree virtual technology where the selected artworks will be set against a digitalised backdrop of gallery spaces within the National Gallery of Singapore.

For more information on the SYF celebrations, do visit the following SYF digital platforms from 3 July

Category A – Certificate of Recognition (Special Mention)


Water Lilies 2021
Mixed Media

Student Artists

Aw Rui Yan Gwyneth

Kayla Lim Yu Xuan
Kian Ahluwalia Rao
Lee Wen Hui Krysta
Ong Si En
Su Liyuan
Tan Si Qing
Wint Hanni Thaw

Artist Statement
We love our school pond as much as Claude Monet loves his water lilies. We want our water lilies to be ENORMOUS to attract GIANT dragonflies to our school garden, and we want a unicorn too.

Teacher Mentor’s Comment
The little artists were fascinated when brought on a virtual museum trip to Musée de l’Orangerie to see the paintings of Monet’s Water Lilies. They were awed when their own artwork was brought to life with Quiver, an Augmented Reality app. It excites me to witness how technology can make art this interactive and engaging for the little ones. - Ms Candy Chua

Category B – Certificate of Participation


Singapore – Past to Present
Stop Motion Animation

Student Artists
Amanda Huang Jing Shan
Anna Ji Thompson

Daniel Zac Chung
Ethan Chew Minhuai
Jonis Ghe En Qi

Khadija Arfa Fathima
Najma Banu
Ruth Yap Zu
Teh Yoke Hian

Teresa Zhang Tianyue

Artist Statement
Our work is about how Singapore has developed from past to present – from a fishing village into a bustling city, from tiny kampong units to tall HDB blocks. Technology has made it convenient for us to keep in touch with our family and friends. We should be grateful for what we have today.

Teacher Mentor’s Comment
Digital art started off as a big and foreign term to the pupils but they were excited and gamed to try it nonetheless. The pupils grew and learned to support one another through drawing, conceptualising each scene, and filming. They build on each other’s strength to create this piece they are so proud of!
- Ms Julia Teng

Category C – Certificate of Participation



“Is she coming for dinner?”

Student Artists
Alexis Aiden Wong
Arthur Chay Yu Hang
Denise Cristine Bilar Chua
Kayla Hong Wan Yu
Khairiah bte Md Andiadzhar
Melody Tan Xuan Ling
Sydnie Tan Sze Nie
Vivian Tan Mei Yi

Artist Statement
Technology has become an essential part of people’s lives and sometimes it controls them unknowingly. The diorama depicts a scene of a family having dinner, sitting in a complete circle, leaving a space for the younger daughter. This is an example of how technology has taken over our lives and threatens family togetherness and communication.

Teacher Mentor’s Comment
The pupils wanted to create awareness that technology could be a useful tool in our daily lives but it could also be otherwise. They tried to create a typical family scene where technology could disrupt the harmony within the family. The pupils were excited and enthusiastic when doing the diorama and tap on each other’s experiences. – Mdm Azizah