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National Junior Girls Competition - Champions

P4 Math Poster Competition
Commendation Award

P4 - Farrer Park Pri (2).jpgP4 - Farrer Park Pri.jpg
The Primary Mathematics Project Competition is an out-of-class competition jointly organised by the Gifted Education Branch and NUS High School of Mathematics and Science.

The objectives of the competition are

(a)        to encourage pupils to carry out innovative and creative work in mathematics, and

(b)        to provide opportunities for pupils to apply the mathematics they have learnt.

Primary 4: The competition theme, “Mathematics is all around us!”, requires pupils to submit a poster. 



Project Title

Student Names

P4 Poster


Farrer Park Primary School

Counting Calories

Dikshita Rajendran

Mariyam Laisa Mushfiq

P4 Graciousness


Farrer Park Primary School

All About Credit Card

Ng Kian Ping

Kuo Chi-Yun

Wan Wan

P4 Graciousness


Drone Odyssey 2018 Competition - Merit Award for Best Knowledge

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-07 at 2.41.jpg
The Infocomm Club members in their first attempt in Drone Odyssey 2018 competition, manage to received Merit Award for Best Knowledge in their presentation.

National Senior Boys Competition - Champions
National Senior Girls Competition - Champions

Brass Band
2018 - SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment

0001 edited.jpg

2018 - SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Distinction


South Zone Senior Boys Competition - Champions

0001 (2).jpg


SYF 2017

Category A - P1 & P2
Title: Fly us there!
Artist Statement: How do we get to our favourite space? Fly there of course. We do it in the
cheery, arty way with our pair of colourful wings. It would be great to have floating balloons
attached to our wings. The colourful feathers of the wings are painted. Then, we mixed different
colours of spray paint and use paper plates to create the planets which we would visit in our art

Category A (P1&P2) (2).JPGCategory A (P1&P2) (3).JPG
Category A (P1&P2) (1).JPG

Category B - P3 & P4
Title: Our Favourite Space
Artist Statement*: In our favourite space, we embark on an adventurous journey that leads us to
our different creations and imaginations. The favourite space could be on our beloved couch, in
our cosy bedroom or nature. Yet, we agree that this journey fosters the fun, laughter and endears
the tower of friendship that we have forged together.
Category B (P3&P4) (1).JPG
Category B (P3&P4) (2).JPG
Category B (P3&P4) (3).JPG

Category C - P5 & P6
Title: Keeping the Dream Alive
Artist Statement: Going back in time to relive a favourite moment and memory is what keeps
most people going. We hope to take you on a journey to experience our favourite hobbies and
places, intimate moments and precious keepsakes. The process of creating this artwork helps us
to keep our memories alive.
Category C (P5&6) (1).JPG
Category C (P5&6) (3).JPG
Category C (P5&6) (2).JPG


Boys' Brigade

JM Fraiser Award
Silver Award (2016)

Girls' Brigade
Company Award
Bronze Award (2016)

National Senior Boys 1st Runner-up
National Junior Boys Champions

Brass Band
2016 - SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment


2016 - SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Distinction