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Principal’s Thoughts


I love looking at the pictures of our pupils taken candidly or posed.  They never fail to draw a huge smile on my face because they always remind me that in Farrer Park Primary School (FPPS) every child gets noticed! And this, I must say, is the hallmark of FPPS. FPPS educators, endeavour to inspire, nurture and care for every child that passes through our hands. Not one, not some, but every child that passes through our hands during their 6 years with us.

What do we want to inspire in each and every pupil? To have hopes, dreams and aspirations! Our hopes, dreams and aspirations are our lifelines and they give us energy to pursue our passion and interests in life. In FPPS, we strive to inspire every pupil to pursue their passion and interests. I have shared with many parents this: if your child wants to be a doctor, he must be the best doctor he can and should be! If he wants to be an artist, he must be the most accomplished and creative artist he can be! If he was to be a chef, he must strive to be a Michelin star chef! He must challenge his own limits and find his own peaks of excellence!

There were many occasions when my heart was warmed by the actions of our FPPS pupils - I once witnessed our pupil assisting an elderly man on a wheelchair across the road; or when a pupil walked to me and asked if I needed help to carry the load in my ‘busy’ hands; I witnessed a pupil helping to open the door for another person.  We truly want more of such pupils - pupils who are leaders in their own right, the morning glow in the lives of others around them because they know how to listen, empathise, and serve! These pupils embody our GRAIN values (Heart of Gold): Graciousness; Responsibility; Adaptability; INtegrity! 

Three times a week, we encourage our pupils to present on stage, without prepared scripts, only a deck of slides or a video, to share an interesting fact they have discovered. Two P2 boys shared about pandas and two other P3 girls shared about Terry Fox and yet again other pupils shared about Mozart and Mr Bean and the list goes on!  Such opportunities and platforms, amongst numerous others including coding programme, one-to-one computing, project work, learning journeys, destination imagination, makers’ corner etc., are created for our pupils so that they will grow up to become confident, self-assured thinking individuals who can learn, unlearn, relearn. Futurist and philosopher Alvin Toffler says: the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. How true this is with our fast-evolving landscapes - we no longer talk about change being the only constant. Today, we talk about the speed of change!  So, in FPPS, our total curriculum offers pupils diverse learning opportunities so that they will grow up with CHARM (Fountain of Knowledge): Curiosity; Humility to Learn; Adaptability; Reflectiveness and Motivation! 

I am a proud school leader of FPPS. This is a school energised by a strong culture of professional care, an enduring positive spirit and the powerful belief of a Growth Mindset. Indeed, we inspire, nurture and care for every child that passes through our hands!