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Drama in Education

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Since 2013, Farrer Park Primary has a specialised Drama-in-Education programme, iDREaM, [I use DRama to EMpower (myself and others)]. iDREaM aims to use drama to empower the students so that they can develop their communication and critical thinking skills and grow into confident individuals.

Drama is used as a tool to teach the languages and character education. The key pillars of the programme are adapted from the United Kingdom and Ontario Drama Curriculum.

In March 2016, the school’s niche in drama education is repositioned and recognised as an official Applied Learning Programme (ALP: Drama in Education).

ALP: Applied Learning Programme
(Drama in Education)

iDREaM aims to use Drama to empower students so that they can find their own voice to:
  • Articulate their ideas and opinions in a meaningful way
  • Increase their self-awareness and confidence so that they are empowered to be who they want to be
  • Make responsible decisions in their personal lives

The learning outcomes are designed to develop the 21st Century Competencies within every child. At Farrer Park, empowerment through iDREaM occurs in three different phases- exposure, experience and excellence.

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