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Principal's Foreword

         Farrer Park Primary School (FPPS) was established on 2 January 2002 through the merger of Boon Keng Primary School and May Primary School. Over the last 14 years, the school has distinguished itself for its strong culture of care and innovation. This is only possible because we have a strong pool of dedicated staff members who are always ready to go the extra mile to serve the needs of our pupils and the school. Our teachers have worked very closely with the parents of our pupils so that together, we can shape the learning experiences of our pupils both in school and at home. We are also thankful for our partners in education, particularly our Parents Support Group (PSG) and members of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) members. Their generous support has contributed to our efforts to provide quality education for every pupil who passes through our hands.

            In FPPS, the spirit of innovation is evident in our everyday teaching and learning practices. At the classroom level, our teachers explore a repertoire of innovative strategies to engage our pupils in effective learning. ICT is used extensively as a tool for instruction; and with grounded realignment of curriculum approaches to develop 21st century skills and dispositions in our pupils, we have strengthened our efforts to build life skills and prepare our pupils to be future ready.

            In 2013, the school was awarded its niche status for our innovative drama education, iDream – I Use Drama to Empower. This is a 6-year programme to empower our pupils to find their own voice and articulate their thoughts and feelings with confidence and clarity. In 2014, the school’s iCARE – Leaders of Tomorrow, a 6-year student leadership programme, received its endorsement as a Learning for Life Programme which nurtures leadership qualities in our pupils. iDream and iCARE are two programmes amongst many others which the school has implemented to develop our pupils holistically. Both flagship programmes are testament to the school’s innovative spirit.

          As a school, we stand firm in our CAN mission to Create Opportunities, Accept Challenges, Nurture Character because we believe that our pupils can rise to the challenge, learn important lessons and experience success; and they will develop strength of character because we care about nurturing their attitudes and dispositions grounded in our GRAIN values - Graciousness, Responsibility, Adaptability, INtergrity.

             We believe that our pupils CAN achieve the best they CAN when they strive to put in effective effort!