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Primary 4 – Being a Buddy

The primary 4 pupils are task to be buddies to the new primary 1 pupils on the first few days of school. The primary 4 pupils taught their young friends how to be independent and how to take care of themselves. They had to listen attentively to the needs of the primary 1 pupil’s and respond appropriately.


P4 Visit to HCA Hospice Care ( HCA)

The P4 pupils visit the HCA Hospice Care (HCA) to interact and show care and concern towards the terminally ill. Prior to the visit, a school-based workshop titled “Touch of Love” was conducted by the facilitators from HCA. From this workshop, pupils learn interaction skills and plan mini interactive activities to be conducted during the visit. This can be in the form of performance or small group interactive sessions. The visit raises awareness in the pupils about eldercare issues and inculcates the value of empathy and respect emphasising on the importance of building intergenerational relationships.


The P4 pupils putting up a performance for the elderly at HCA to make their day  


P4 pupils interacting and building rapport with the elderly at HCA.


A P4 pupil interacting with an elderly after guiding her in the weaving of a card written for the elderly. In return, the elderly is writing back to the pupil.

Primary 3 - Teaching Others

In primary 3, pupils attend a teambuilding camp at the start of the year. After picking up collaborative skills, they worked together during Project Work. After the project work, they put their communication skills into use by presenting their work to their Primary 1 peers.


P3 Sharing on Conservation to the P1 pupils

Integrated with the P3 EL STELLAR book on Stephanie Investigates, the P3 pupils had the opportunity to work in teams. They lerant the ways for effective communication when working in teams and to express oneself appropriately. The pupils shared their Information Poster on pollution, conservation on animals and environment with the message of caring for the needs of others. Armed with their team's poster, pupils presented and shared their learning with the P1 pupils and this in turn is linked to the P1 Great Little Helpers programme.


The P3 pupils presenting their Information Poster on Conversation to the P1 pupils.

7.jpgThe P3 pupils explaining to the P1 pupils about pollution, conservation on animals and environment with the message of caring for the needs of others.