Outdoor Learning Experience


Hay Dairies

This OLE is in line with the theme of “farm animals” that the pupils have learnt about in the big books, The Farm Concert and Mrs Wishy Washy. Students will learn about the different types of goats and the milking process during this visit.

OLE 1.jpg
Pupils touring along the Goat Farm with their teacher and a parent volunteer.

OLE 2.jpg
Pupils having a break at the Goat Farm after their tour.

OLE 3.jpg
Pupils, teacher and parent volunteers posing for the camera after the tour, just before they board the bus for departure to school.

OLE 4.jpg
The last group photograph with the teacher and parent volunteers outside the Hay Dairies Farm before departure to school.

OLE 5.jpg
Pupils, teacher and parent volunteers posing for a photograph before departure to school and excitedly shouting out “Hay Dairies!”

Toa Payoh Town Central

The OLE is in line with the big book “To Town” where pupils learn to: 
  • Identify the people who serve the neighbourhood and describe their roles
  • Identify the places around the neighbourhood 
  • Recognize that every occupation is important and everyone in the community plays an important role

TPY 1.jpg
                        Pupils fascinated by the models of the upcoming houses in Singapore!

TPY 2.jpg
Pupils showing graciousness by queuing up at a food court to buy a drink after their tour at Toa Payoh Town Central.

TPY 3.jpg            Pupils enjoying their cool drink at a food court in  Toa Payoh Town Central after their OLE.


Chinese Opera Workshop (Term 1)

OLE 1.jpgOLE 2.jpg

OLE 3.jpg

P2 pupils attended a workshop where they learn more about the Chinese culture. The OLE was part of the English STELLAR lesson on ‘Chinese Opera Games’ and the integration of Social Studies book “New Girl in Town”

P2- OLE – The Butterfly Lodge (Term 2)

OLE 4.jpg
OLE 5.jpg
OLE 6.jpgOLE 7.jpg

Pupils visited the Butterfly Lodge at Oh Farms where they learned about the life cycle of the butterfly and the importance of having butterflies in our Eco- system. They also got the opportunity to see the different types of butterflies and touch the caterpillars and stick insects.